About Us

Elephant Backer is a social enterprise organization that seeks to raise awareness and charitable support for elephant rescue and rehabilitation efforts with our elephant-inspired accessories and apparel. These items serve as a symbol of our support for these beautiful animals, who are being senseless slaughtered throughout Africa and Asia as a result of the illegal ivory trade and inhumane tourist attraction exploitation.

Our mission is to be the most customer service-centric and animal-nurturing retail social enterprise in the world. Our pledge is to funnel proceeds from every purchase you make towards the conservation of vulnerable elephants across Africa and Asia.

We designed the Elephant Backer bracelet and pendant lines as both a symbol of our passion for the conservation of these majestic creatures, but also a nod in honor of the elephant as a spirit animal and anyone who identifies with its characteristics of personal strength, confidence, and wisdom.

With the Elephant Backer accessories and apparel, you can connect with your spirit animal while supporting a worthy cause. In fact, a portion of all proceeds for Elephant Backer bracelets and pendants will go towards the rescue and nurturing of these incredible giants.

With the Elephant Backer bracelet or pendant, we want to send a message that we are taking a stand against the senseless killing of elephants, one of Mother Nature’s gentlest and most intelligent creatures.

Remember, an elephant never forgets – and neither do we. Stand with our herd. Support the elephants. Wear an Elephant Backer.