Should I Ride An Elephant?

Many dream of riding an elephant through the jungles of Southeast Asia until you learn about the dark side of elephant tourism:

Whether a baby elephant has been born in captivity or captured from the wild, its mind, body and spirit are first broken through a process called the phajaan. Meaning “crushing”, this ancient technique involves separating calves from their mothers – a highly traumatic experience for these tightly-bonded animals – before being tied down or squeezed into a small space, starved, dehydrated, and beaten repeatedly.

Deprived of their natural habitat, chained, and forced to repeat the same the same monotonous routines day in day out, the spiral of torture continues throughout their dramatically-shortened lives. It’s not exactly the stuff that holiday dreams are made of.
Do your research and we encourage our readers to search out credible, peer-reviewed elephant retirement parks that rescue these beautiful creatures from exploitative conditions and let them lives out the rest of their long lives in peace. You may even get to spoil them by feeding them bananas, coriander rice balls, or give them a mud bath massage!